2001 Fleer Legacy Cal Ripken Jr. – Tailor Made (Week 5)

2001 Fleer Legacy

Year: 2001

Manufacture: Fleer Legacy

Insert Series: Tailor Made

Card Number: 18

How I got the card: eBay Purchase

Again, another Fleer card with no card number listed!

Something about this card, strikes me as odd. Besides the fact that it has no card number, there is so much space not used in the design.

Overall, I am pleased to add this card to the Ripken storage box!

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Trade with Beardy

Recently I have been very fortunate to have met so many generous bloggers since I have started back collecting. One blogger is a fellow Orioles fan, which would make you think trades would be next to impossible to complete. But Beardy always has awesome cards to trade and I have been very lucky to have a few that he would like as well.

To make things even better Beardy even sent me a Ripken Relic!

Trade with Beardy #15

Year: 1996

Set: Collector’s Choice You Make The Play

Card #: 33

Trade with Beardy #14

Year: 1999

Set: Skybox Premium

Card #: 208

Trade with Beardy #13

Year: 2000

Set: MLB Showdown

Card #: 61

Trade with Beardy #12

Year: 1996

Set: Sportflix

Card #: 144

Trade with Beardy #11

Year: 1998

Set: Zenith

Card #: 3

Trade with Beardy #10

Year: 2006

Set: Fleer Greats of the Game – Decade Greats

Card #: CR

Trade with Beardy #9

Year: 2001

Set: Private Stock – PS-206 Action

Card #: 11

Trade with Beardy #8

Year: 2001

Set: Upper Deck Superstar Summit

Card #: SS5

Trade with Beardy #7

Year: 2002

Set: Fleer Greats of the Game

Card #: 1

Trade with Beardy #6

Year: 1999

Set: Upper Deck Ovation

Card #: 18

Trade with Beardy #4

Year: 1999

Set: Skybox Premium

Card #: 281

Trade with Beardy #3

Year: 1999

Set: Bowman Early Risers

Card #: ER2

Trade with Beardy #2

Year: 1999

Set: Topps Gold Label

Card #: 67

Trade with Beardy #1

Year: 2005

Set: Topps Turkey Red

Card #: 305

Trade with Beardy #5

Year: 2005

Set: Zenith Z-Jersey

Card #: 30

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1995 Emotion Ripken Series Cards #1, 2, 3

I recently had the opportunity to pick up a complete set of the 1995 Emotion Cal Ripken Jr. cards for a great price.

The set features some of the best cards I have seen it quite awhile. The card stock is much thicker and stronger then most cards. The design of the cards, in my eyes, is done perfectly! Both the front and back of the cards are visually appealing. And each card highlight a different point in Cal Ripken Jr.’s career. Overall, this is just a great series.

1995 Emotion #11995 Emotion #1 BackCard #1

Title: High School Pitcher

Back of Card: “Cal’s career has spanned several eras and various monumental events, but it all started with pitching at Aberdeen High School, posting a 7-2 mark with an 0.70 ERA and 100 K’s in 60 innings, leading his team to the 1978 Maryland Class A title and striking out 17 in the championship game. (By the way, he also hit .493.)”

1995 Emotion #21995 Emotion #2 BackCard #2

Title: Role Model

Back of Card: “Cal’s role model growing up was the Orioles’ Brooks Robinson, probably the2 best defensive third baseman ever and, like Cal, one of the game’s classiest players. Brooks is now President, Major League Baseball Players Alumi,  which was founded as a means for former Major Leaguers to work together to promote the game of baseball and conduct programs with positive role models to inspire today’s youth.”

1995 Emotion #31995 Emotion #3 Back

Card #3

Title: Rookie of the Year

Back of Card: “When Cal reached the Majors, he looked and played like a polished veteran almost from the outset. Ripken enjoyed a fabulous start to his career, leading Major League rookies in doubles (32), home runs (28), RBI (93), total bases (284), games (160), and at-bats (663) en route to winning AL Rookie of the Year honors in 1982.”

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2001 Fleer Platinum – National Patch Time (Week 4)

2001 Game Worn Jersey Fleer Platinum National Patch Time

Year: 2001

Manufacture: Fleer Platinum

Insert Series: National Patch Time

Card Number: 45

How I got the card: eBay purchase

Great card. Nice black jersey piece and great background pattern.

That said I have a few issues with this card. First is the stupid Fleer logo image in the upper right covering part of the player image. Secondly and more important, no card number from what I can see. How and why would you create a card and not put a number on it! It took me a while but after checking Beckett online card catalog and then Zistle, I finally found the number. Cal Ripken Black S1 #45.

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2007 SPX Ironman

I picked up a few of these cards on eBay, and I would love to finish the numbered set. Every card is numbered numbered out of 699. In addition, each card has a highlight from Cal Ripken Jr.’s career.

So here are the first three SPx Ironman cards in my collection. Only 97 more to go…



Card #: IM38

“Both Ripken and Stan Musial played the entirety of their exceptional Major League tenures with a single team. Ripken spent 21 seasons with Baltimore, while Musial played 22 years in St. Louis. The Cardinals legend suited up for 895 straight games between 1952 and 1957, and Ripken passed him for sixth on the all-time chart during a tilt against the Matiners on 8/31/87.”



Card #: IM48

“In a closely contested matchup with Oakland on 5/12/90, Ripken delivered the big blows that enabled Baltimore to escape with a road victory. Down 2-1 in the sixth inning, the shortshop blasted a two-out solo shot to knot the score, and then in dramatic fashion in the ninth inning, he led off the frame with another solo shot to provide the game’s winning margin of 3-2.”



Card #: IM73

“Ripken finished the 1993 campaign with 24 home runs, 90 runs batted in and 87 runs scored, earning his seventh Silver Slugger Award for the shortstop position. At the time, it tied the Orioles superstar with Ryne Sandberg (second base, Cubs) and Wade Boggs (third base, Red Sox) for most seasons receiving the Silver Slugger honors.”

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Trade with Beardy from Beardy’s Baseball Blog

Trade with Beardy

Year: 2009

Manufacture: Topps

Insert Series: Historical Commemorative Patch

Card Number: LPR-47

This card was shown already, but I wanted to archive it here.
At first I was not a big fan of the Manufactured Patch cards. But now that I have this awesome card, I have had a change of heart. I really like this card! It’s a simple concept, it is very refreshing to have something other then a small white swatch on a game-used card. I know the patch is not game-used… But I still get a lot of enjoyment in making this card #219 in my collection. Thank you so much Beardy for sending this card to me. I already have a few nice cards to send to you, when you are ready.

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2007 Sweet Spot Classic – Classic Memorabilia (Week 3)

2007 Sweet Spot Classic Cal Ripken Classic Memorabilia CM-CR

Year: 2007

Manufacture: Upper Deck Sweet Spot

Insert Series: Classic Memorabilia

Card Number: CM-CR

How I got the card: eBay

Over the past few weeks I have been extremely addicted to eBay. I went a little overboard, but I got a lot of cool cards. This is the first Cal Ripken Jr. card to arrive in the old mailbox, but it is definitely not the last one from all the eBay buys.

A fairly simple card, not too much can be said about it. The only thing that comes to mind is the photography is simple and the overall layout does not interfere with the image. And that the relic is a boring white piece. Any way, I like the card overall. May have something to do with the fact I am a Ripken Fan and Collector….

This is officially card #238 in my collection!! Slowly growing!!

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Trade with AdamE from Thoughts and Sox

Trade with AdamE

Year: 2009

Manufacture: Upper Deck Goudey

Card Number: 20

After the break of the 2008 Heroes box, Adam from Thoughts and Sox stated that he would really like the Green Schilling that I pulled. So not being a Red Sox fan, I was more than happy to send the Green Schilling along with a few other Sox cards to get my hand on other Ripken I still needed. This is offically the #218 Ripken in the collection. Many thanks Adam, I have started a large Sox pile for you!

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1996 Pacific Cal Ripken Jr.- Gold Crown Die Cuts (Week 2)

1996 Pacific DC15 Cal Ripken

Year: 1996

Manufacture: Pacific

Insert Series: Gold Crown Die Cuts

Card Number: DC-15

How I got the card: Through a trade with Joe from The Priceless Pursuit

Great card! Die Cuts are always hard to get in good condition. However, Joe kept this card in great shape. Thank you again Joe.

1996 is the year in which Cal Ripken Jr. broke the world record for most consecutive games played of 2,216.

Vote for your top Oriole lineup, click here.

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PSA cards in the mail

Ever since I started collecting again, the pricing of graded cards has really confused me…

For example, I picked up a total of 13 PSA graded Cal Ripken Jr. cards for roughly $1 per card shipped. However, PSA charges around $7 per card to have them graded (not including the cost of the card) and a 45 day wait. Which raises the question, why would you ever pay the $7 for getting a card graded if you can pick them up cheaper on eBay?

Here are the 10 cards I am adding to the collection, the other 3 are being sent off to Beardy.




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