My Player Collecting Guidelines

I am sitting around pretty bored and started to read back a bit on a few blogs and read their comments. One really jumped out at me, Mario from Wax Heaven, asked a simple question “So which era do you prefer and why?”Read here.

After reading the article and all the comments I started to think about my collecting guidelines/ goals. I am still shooting for 1,000 different Ripken cards by 12/31/2010. However, I think that Dave’s comment about how he goes about collecting Longoria cards was great.

So I decided to make my own guidelines for building my collection.

The 6 commandments for building my collecting:

  • Don’t try to buy every super short print (under 25 created).
  • Enjoy every card in the collection (No matter what the value is. Value is relative.)
  • Do not overspend trying to create the greatest Ripken collection of all time (Someone will always have a card you don’t have, so build a set you can be happy with)
  • Try to work out trades for a part of the collection (Trades are fun and you can end up with some awesome cards)
  • Help out as many fellow collectors in their collections as possible (Spread the joy of the hobby)
  • Make this something I can share with my family (Has anyone thought what would happen to their collection when they stop?)

Overall, as I am going over my commandments, the theme is just to have fun building my Ripken collection. Everyone collects in a different fashion and for a wide variety of reason. So if you can not have fun with it, why would you even bother collecting little pieces of cardboard?

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