Trade with Big D from Hey Thats Mine and a collection Milestone!

As I was going through the great cards Big D from Hey Thats Mine sent me, I came across three Ripken cards I didn’t have in my collection yet. And as I was entering them into Zistle I realized I had hit a major milestone in the Ripken collection. Big D, if you need any 2007 Masterpieces cards, please let me know and I will send them your way.

So here are the three great Ripken cards I did not have yet:

Big D Trade #3

Year: 2007

Set: Ultra – Iron Man

Card #: UIM-19

Big D Trade #2

This 20th Anniversary Upper Deck Preview card is officially my 500th in my Zistle collection!! You read right, big number 500. AWESOME!!

Year: 2008

Set: Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Preview

Card #: UD54

Big D Trade #1

Year: 2007

Set: Ultra – Iron Man

Card #: UIM-43

Since I have started on my quest for Cal Ripken Jr. cards, many bloggers have helped me out through trades and I would like to thank everyone who has traded me Ripken cards.

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One Wicked Trade (Ripken Edition)

Yet another great trade package came last week. I was very lucky to have worked out a trade with WickedOrtega from  My Past Time…I Love It. All I did was send over a few cards that he wanted and ended up with an awesome pile of Ripken cards. Thank you so much!

Wicked trade #11

Year: 1997

Set: Finest

Card #: 252

Wicked trade #12

Year: 1992

Set: Fleer Lumber Company

Card #: L7

Wicked trade #9

Year: 1993

Set: Upper Deck Then & Now

Card #: TN4

Wicked trade #10

Year: 1988

Set: Topps

Card #: 650

Wicked trade #7

Year: 2008

Set: Donruss Threads – Generations

Card #: 2

Wicked trade #8

Year: 2001

Set: Topps – Combos

Card #: TC16

Wicked trade #6

Year: 2001

Set: Topps Chrome- Combos Refractors

Card #: TC3

Wicked trade #5

Year: 1996

Set: Upper Deck

Card #: 1

Wicked trade #4

Year: 2005

Set: Upper Deck Past Time Pennants

Card #: 13

Wicked trade #3

Year: 1996

Set: Denny’s Instant Replay Holograms

Card #: 2

Wicked trade #2

Year: 1998

Set: Upper Deck 10th Anniversary Preview

Card #: 40

Wicked trade #1

Year: 1992

Set: Stadium Club

Card #: 595

In addition he also sent a large stack of 2008 Heroes and Orioles cards! Many Thanks!

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Trade with AdamE from Thoughts and Sox

This was the second trade with AdamE from Thoughts and Sox, and he sent me 4 awesome Ripken cards. Again, all I had to do was send him some of my unwanted Red Sox cards. I am very happy that my old Red Sox cards now have a new happy home. I have plenty more cards, AdamE, so please contact me again for another trade!

Trade #2 with AdamE #2

Year: 1994

Manufacture: Post

Card Number: 25

A simple design and pretty basic, but it was a card I was missing.

Trade #2 with AdamE #4

Year: 1999

Manufacture: Upper Deck

Series: HoloGrFX

Card Number: 10

Awesome shiny card, I can’t help but love this card. It just stands out to me…

Trade #2 with AdamE #3

Year: 1997

Manufacture: Pinnacle

Card Number: 191

“I got it!” I guess that is what he is trying to say here… I really enjoy the Pinnacle cards.

Trade #2 with AdamE #1

Year: 1994

Manufacture: Bowman’s Best

Card Number: 94

I have a question about this card… I was checking Zistle and this looks like the image of the refractor. So is there any way to be sure it’s a refractor or not? Please help me out.

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Trade with Brian from Play at the Plate

Awesome Ripken Trade! I saw awhile back that Brian, of the new blog Play at the Plate, is trying to collect the 2008 and 2009 A&G minis. We very quickly worked out a trade, Ripkens for Minis. I really hope you enjoy the minis, I’m greatly enjoying the cards that you sent Brian. Thank you.

By the way, the Ripken collection has past 300 cards!!


Year: 2001

Set: Fleer Tradition

Card #: 340


Year: 1998

Set: Upper Deck Prime Nine

Card #: PN32


Year: 1998

Set: Upper Deck Prime Nine

Card #: PN30


Year: 1998

Set: Pinnacle

Card #: 183


Year: 1998

Set: Pinnacle Museum Collection

Card #: PP86


Year: 1994

Set: Collector’s Choice – Silver Signature

Card #: 240


Year: 2000

Set: Topps Magic Moments

Card #: 238E


Year: 2000

Set: Fleer Tradition Dividends

Card #: D3


Year: 1999

Set: Skybox Premium Soul of the Game

Card #: 11


Year: 1991

Set: Leaf

Card #: 430


Year: 2000

Set: Topps Opening Day

Card #: 107


Year: 1995

Set: Pinnacle FanFest

Card #: 1


Year: 1998

Set: UD3

Card #: 65


Year: 1998

Set: UD3

Card #: 155


Year: 1998

Set: Upper Deck – Prime Nine

Card #: PN29


Year: 1998

Set: SPx Finite Spectrum

Card #: 64


Year: 1992

Set: Ultra

Card #: 11


Year: 2000

Set: Upper Deck PowerDeck

Card #: PD2


Year: 2000

Set: Topps Magic Moments

Card #: 238 B


Year: 1998

Set: SPx Finite

Card #: 145


Year: 2000

Set: Upper Deck e-Card

Card #: E3


Year: 1999

Set: Upper Deck PowerDeck

Card #: 3



Set: Upper Deck Prime Nine

Card #: PN31

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Trade with Beardy

Recently I have been very fortunate to have met so many generous bloggers since I have started back collecting. One blogger is a fellow Orioles fan, which would make you think trades would be next to impossible to complete. But Beardy always has awesome cards to trade and I have been very lucky to have a few that he would like as well.

To make things even better Beardy even sent me a Ripken Relic!

Trade with Beardy #15

Year: 1996

Set: Collector’s Choice You Make The Play

Card #: 33

Trade with Beardy #14

Year: 1999

Set: Skybox Premium

Card #: 208

Trade with Beardy #13

Year: 2000

Set: MLB Showdown

Card #: 61

Trade with Beardy #12

Year: 1996

Set: Sportflix

Card #: 144

Trade with Beardy #11

Year: 1998

Set: Zenith

Card #: 3

Trade with Beardy #10

Year: 2006

Set: Fleer Greats of the Game – Decade Greats

Card #: CR

Trade with Beardy #9

Year: 2001

Set: Private Stock – PS-206 Action

Card #: 11

Trade with Beardy #8

Year: 2001

Set: Upper Deck Superstar Summit

Card #: SS5

Trade with Beardy #7

Year: 2002

Set: Fleer Greats of the Game

Card #: 1

Trade with Beardy #6

Year: 1999

Set: Upper Deck Ovation

Card #: 18

Trade with Beardy #4

Year: 1999

Set: Skybox Premium

Card #: 281

Trade with Beardy #3

Year: 1999

Set: Bowman Early Risers

Card #: ER2

Trade with Beardy #2

Year: 1999

Set: Topps Gold Label

Card #: 67

Trade with Beardy #1

Year: 2005

Set: Topps Turkey Red

Card #: 305

Trade with Beardy #5

Year: 2005

Set: Zenith Z-Jersey

Card #: 30

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Trade with Beardy from Beardy’s Baseball Blog

Trade with Beardy

Year: 2009

Manufacture: Topps

Insert Series: Historical Commemorative Patch

Card Number: LPR-47

This card was shown already, but I wanted to archive it here.
At first I was not a big fan of the Manufactured Patch cards. But now that I have this awesome card, I have had a change of heart. I really like this card! It’s a simple concept, it is very refreshing to have something other then a small white swatch on a game-used card. I know the patch is not game-used… But I still get a lot of enjoyment in making this card #219 in my collection. Thank you so much Beardy for sending this card to me. I already have a few nice cards to send to you, when you are ready.

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Trade with AdamE from Thoughts and Sox

Trade with AdamE

Year: 2009

Manufacture: Upper Deck Goudey

Card Number: 20

After the break of the 2008 Heroes box, Adam from Thoughts and Sox stated that he would really like the Green Schilling that I pulled. So not being a Red Sox fan, I was more than happy to send the Green Schilling along with a few other Sox cards to get my hand on other Ripken I still needed. This is offically the #218 Ripken in the collection. Many thanks Adam, I have started a large Sox pile for you!

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PSA cards in the mail

Ever since I started collecting again, the pricing of graded cards has really confused me…

For example, I picked up a total of 13 PSA graded Cal Ripken Jr. cards for roughly $1 per card shipped. However, PSA charges around $7 per card to have them graded (not including the cost of the card) and a 45 day wait. Which raises the question, why would you ever pay the $7 for getting a card graded if you can pick them up cheaper on eBay?

Here are the 10 cards I am adding to the collection, the other 3 are being sent off to Beardy.




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