2004 Fleer – Classic Clippings (Week 7)


Year: 2004

Manufacture: Fleer

Series: Classic Clippings

Card Number: 3

Numbered: 331/750

How I got the card: eBay purchase

When I saw this card on eBay, I thought I needed to add this card to the growing collection. Luckily, it did not sell for too much money.

I just think this is one of the coolest ideas for a baseball card. It depicts the newspaper box score for Ripken’s debut game.

Back of Card: “In a 12-inning affair at Baltimore’s old Memorial Stadium, Cal Ripken Jr. made his major league debut as the Orioles topped Kansas City 3-2. Originally drafted as a pitcher in the second round of 1978, he started out his career as a third baseman before moving to shortstop in 1982.”

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2009 Upper Deck Cal Ripken Jr.- Goodwin Champions Preview (Week 6)

2009 Goodwin Cal Ripken Preview

Year: 2009

Manufacture: Upper Deck

Insert Series: Goodwin Preview

Card Number: GCP-11

How I got the card: Through a trade with Beardy from Beardy’s Baseball Blog

I got this card awhile back from Beardy, this just does not look anything like the 2009 Goodwin Champions. This card is very special to me. When I got this card, it started the interest and drive to start this blog. At the time I had a lot of random, unorganized Ripken cards every where. After the arrival of this card, I started to think about how incredible his career really was. I mean, who has not missed a single day of work/ school in  roughly 17 years!! So I figured why not put most of my collecting efforts to the pursuit of a majority of the 12,ooo+ cards of Ripken Jr.

So thank you again Beardy for helping me organize my collecting goals!

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2001 Fleer Legacy Cal Ripken Jr. – Tailor Made (Week 5)

2001 Fleer Legacy

Year: 2001

Manufacture: Fleer Legacy

Insert Series: Tailor Made

Card Number: 18

How I got the card: eBay Purchase

Again, another Fleer card with no card number listed!

Something about this card, strikes me as odd. Besides the fact that it has no card number, there is so much space not used in the design.

Overall, I am pleased to add this card to the Ripken storage box!

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2001 Fleer Platinum – National Patch Time (Week 4)

2001 Game Worn Jersey Fleer Platinum National Patch Time

Year: 2001

Manufacture: Fleer Platinum

Insert Series: National Patch Time

Card Number: 45

How I got the card: eBay purchase

Great card. Nice black jersey piece and great background pattern.

That said I have a few issues with this card. First is the stupid Fleer logo image in the upper right covering part of the player image. Secondly and more important, no card number from what I can see. How and why would you create a card and not put a number on it! It took me a while but after checking Beckett online card catalog and then Zistle, I finally found the number. Cal Ripken Black S1 #45.

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2007 Sweet Spot Classic – Classic Memorabilia (Week 3)

2007 Sweet Spot Classic Cal Ripken Classic Memorabilia CM-CR

Year: 2007

Manufacture: Upper Deck Sweet Spot

Insert Series: Classic Memorabilia

Card Number: CM-CR

How I got the card: eBay

Over the past few weeks I have been extremely addicted to eBay. I went a little overboard, but I got a lot of cool cards. This is the first Cal Ripken Jr. card to arrive in the old mailbox, but it is definitely not the last one from all the eBay buys.

A fairly simple card, not too much can be said about it. The only thing that comes to mind is the photography is simple and the overall layout does not interfere with the image. And that the relic is a boring white piece. Any way, I like the card overall. May have something to do with the fact I am a Ripken Fan and Collector….

This is officially card #238 in my collection!! Slowly growing!!

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1996 Pacific Cal Ripken Jr.- Gold Crown Die Cuts (Week 2)

1996 Pacific DC15 Cal Ripken

Year: 1996

Manufacture: Pacific

Insert Series: Gold Crown Die Cuts

Card Number: DC-15

How I got the card: Through a trade with Joe from The Priceless Pursuit

Great card! Die Cuts are always hard to get in good condition. However, Joe kept this card in great shape. Thank you again Joe.

1996 is the year in which Cal Ripken Jr. broke the world record for most consecutive games played of 2,216.

Vote for your top Oriole lineup, click here.

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2007 Ultimate Collection – Ultimate Iron Man Signatures (Week 1)

2007 Ultimate Collection - Ultimate Iron Man Signatures

Year: 2007

Brand: Upper Deck Ultimate

Card Number: UIM-4

How I got the card: Group Break held by Dan’s Saints of the Cheap Seats

Additional Information: Autographed and Numbered 2/8

This card is one of the highlights of my Cal Ripken Jr. collection. Overall the card is very nice, but a high-end product should never use sticker autographs. On the plus side, at least this sticker is not the foil ones Topps seems to be using.

In other news, Beardy found this link,  the Ripken’s #8 stolen from outside Camden Yards!

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