Ripken Cards from eBay

It seems that a shift in my collecting habits has sent me to eBay even more than before. I mean I try to find Ripken cards from the local card shops, but the cards are either in really bad shape, severely picked over, or too expensive. So off I go to eBay…


Year: 2006

Set: Topps Sterling

Card #: 86


Year: 2006

Set: Topps Sterling

Card #: 89


Year: 2006

Set: Topps Sterling

Card #: 95


Year: 2007

Set: Spectrum

Card #: CR87


Year: 2008

Set: SP Legendary

Card #: CR


Year: 2007

Set: Ultimate

Card #: CR


Year: 1994

Set: Fleer Update

Card #: 10


Year: 1997

Set: Ultra

Card #: 1


Year: 1999

Set: Upper Deck PowerDeck

Card #: AUX3


Year: 1998

Set: Pinnacle Plus

Card #: 5


Year: 1997

Set: Collector’s Choice

Card #: 5


Year: 2001

Set: Upper Deck

Card #: BB8

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  1. How much did you end up paying for the Sterling cards? It’s an expensive product, but I’m tempted to buy some base cards just to say I have some. I like the white suede!

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