Trade with AdamE from Thoughts and Sox

This was the second trade with AdamE from Thoughts and Sox, and he sent me 4 awesome Ripken cards. Again, all I had to do was send him some of my unwanted Red Sox cards. I am very happy that my old Red Sox cards now have a new happy home. I have plenty more cards, AdamE, so please contact me again for another trade!

Trade #2 with AdamE #2

Year: 1994

Manufacture: Post

Card Number: 25

A simple design and pretty basic, but it was a card I was missing.

Trade #2 with AdamE #4

Year: 1999

Manufacture: Upper Deck

Series: HoloGrFX

Card Number: 10

Awesome shiny card, I can’t help but love this card. It just stands out to me…

Trade #2 with AdamE #3

Year: 1997

Manufacture: Pinnacle

Card Number: 191

“I got it!” I guess that is what he is trying to say here… I really enjoy the Pinnacle cards.

Trade #2 with AdamE #1

Year: 1994

Manufacture: Bowman’s Best

Card Number: 94

I have a question about this card… I was checking Zistle and this looks like the image of the refractor. So is there any way to be sure it’s a refractor or not? Please help me out.

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  1. It might be the refractor. I’ve got the regular version, and it scanned like crap, and I had to majorly crank the brightness up in photoshop to even make the card readable.

    See it here:

  2. Crap

    I need your address again.



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