Collecting Goals

I have been slowly adding new Ripken cards to my collection every week since I began this blog. However, with so many Cal Ripken cards out there, I am thinking about setting a pretty high goal for myself. With over 12,000 different cards, I figure about 9 to 10 thousand different cards would be a good collecting long term goal. My goal for the end of next year is a little high, but I feel it is achievable with some help. I would like to break the 1000 card mark in my Cal Ripken Jr. card collection!!

Right now I am in the 200’s with the collection, but with 14 months until the end of the year I feel this goal can be reached. So lets say that I need to get 750 different cards over the next 14 months. That would equal, roughly 1.7 cards per day for the next year and two months. ..

So in summary, I NEED HELP. After seeing I will need to average 2 cards per day, it will be a big struggle to meet the goal. I am really crossing my fingers on this one.

Every step of the way I will be posting all the great cards.

Even if you are unable to help me with trades or cards, please leave me a comment with motavation and encouragement as I trek towards my goals.

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  1. I’m aiming for like 9,000 long term too. It’s a long road…you can do it though!

    • Thank you Tim!

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